About Jeremy Mallin

Jeremy Mallin, Artist/DesignerJeremy Mallin is a professionally trained designer and mechanical engineer in America, near Detroit, Michigan, with expertise in a variety of fields.

During his lengthy career, Jeremy has worked in advertising, website design, and graphic design. He now works as an independent art and jewelry designer, selling many of the finished art pieces he designs. His work can be found on a variety of Internet and social media sites.

Jeremy studied graphic and industrial design at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he also received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. Jeremy is a self-taught web developer with expert knowledge of dozens of front-end and database programming languages. More recently, Jeremy has gained expertise in 3D modeling and design for 3D printing. His expert knowledge of materials and structural engineering, along with his fine arts creative background makes him an ideal source of information and viewpoints on a variety of design and manufacturing-related topics.

Jeremy enjoys modest a modest fan following, personally and professionally, on websites including DeviantArt, Twitter, Google+ and other sites, where he comments on a wide range of topics.